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We're here to make your life as simple as possible and will process the warranty claim of any tyre purchased from us for you. We do of course have an obligation to the manufacturers to do some troubleshooting and ask that check the below to submit your claim.

Road hazard damage such as hitting a curb or driving over a gutter can happen to anyone and sometimes results in tyre bulging, splitting as well as throwing your vehicle out of alignment. Besides road hazards and driving habits, examples of other causes of premature tyre wear are:

  • Worn tie rods and tie rod ends
  • Improper alignment settings or infrequent alignments
  • Under - inflation, over - inflation, improper maintenance, improper repair or other abuse
  • Bent wheels
  • Improper storage of the Tyre
  • Being fitted to vehicles which are carrying loads or running speeds higher than that recommended for the vehicle
  • Not being fitted or used in accordance with the technical recommendations of the manufacturer as published from time to time
  • Accident, fire, chemical explosion or exposure, tyre alteration(e.g.retreading) or vandalism.
  • Climatic effects, such as damage caused by salt water or sand.

All Tyresales tyres come with a one year, unlimited kilometre warranty. Road hazard damage and the above are not covered by our warranty

Get started

You will need to enter your order number, name, email address, contact number, the number of tyres affected, complete description of the alleged defect and photos of the tyre evidencing the alleged defect. Any additional evidence that you may have may be uploaded as well.

Once a claim has been made, our Tyre Experts will review your claim and an outcome will be provided within five working days. If your claim requires a physical inspection, our Team will contact you to organise this with an accredited Tyresales Vehicle/Tyre Specialist in your area.

If the fault of the tyre(s) is due to the manufacturing fault, we will absorb the cost of the inspection and will contact you to arrange replacements that will include re-fitment at no additional charge to you or a refund of the faulty tyre(s). If the fault of the tyre(s) is not a manufacturing fault, the inspection cost will then become the responsibility of the customer and must be paid directly to the accredited Tyresales Vehicle/Tyre Specialist.

If you have taken the tyres to a Vehicle/Tyre Specialist outside of the Tyresales network and/or do not have the tyres in your possession, we will not be able to continue with your claim and it will be closed.

Step 1. Enter your details

Step 2. Upload pictures/documents

- Make sure the pictures clearly show the point of damage and the surrounding area.
- If you have any further evidence to support your claim, please upload it as well.

As soon as you click submit, our Tyre Experts will review your claim and a Team Member will be in touch within five working days with an outcome.