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Customer support 1300 897 372

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? See our Help Center for more information or Contact Us if you can't find your answer

FAQ - tyresales

Is tyresales an Australian company?

Yes tyresales is an Australian owned and maintained company. We have offices in Perth and Melbourne, with warehouses located throughout Australia.

Who will fit and balance my tyres if I buy from tyresales?

Tyresales works with over 1,000 accredited fitment centres across Australia. When placing an order we match your postcode and vehicle to a fitment center nearest to you. You can select any of these to have your tyres fitted and balanced onto your vehicle.
To find your closest fitment centre click here, simply enter your postcode and vehicle make.
If you need further assistance call us on 1300 TYRESALES (897372)

How should I search for new tyres?

The best way to purchase the correct new tyres for your vehicle is to check the tyres you are currently using. Note down the full tyre size (see the Tyre Size Guide for more information) and match that with your search values on the website by 'Size'.
You can use the 'Vehicle' search on the website, but please be aware that this search method provides tyre information based upon original equipment for the vehicle entered by you. The result may not be accurate for what you actually require.
To avoid ordering the wrong tyres we strongly advise you to check the tyre placard in your vehicle, and use our Tyre Size Guide to check the size of the current tyres on your vehicle.

Do you fit tyres for Motorhomes, Light Trucks or larger Commercial Vehicles?

If you have a Motorhome, a Light Truck, or a larger Commercial Vehicle please notify us during the time of your purchase. While we may sell tyres in the size you require, the fitting of tyres to these types of vehicles is a lot more specialised and requires a larger workshop and different equipment to that required for regular-sized vehicles.
We will do our best to find a fitment centre that can accommodate your needs, but there may be an extra charge involved for fitting and balancing of your tyres onto these larger vehicle types.

FAQ - Ordering my tyres

How does tyresales work & how do I buy my tyres?

  1. Find the tyres you are looking to purchase - make sure the size you choose matches the ones on your current vehicle as well as on your tyre placard.
  2. Enter your postcode & vehicle's make/model. The website will then refresh and you are able to select one of the available Fitment Centres from the list. If you would like the Fitment Centre to know about a preferred day and time, choose your preference from our Preferred Fitment Calendar. If you do not want fitment, you can choose to have the order sent directly to you. Note that they can't be sent to a PO box as they need to be signed for.
  3. Choose your optional extras - like a wheel alignment or service. After clicking NEXT, you will then be directed to the final page and are able to pay for your order with one of our many different payment options.
After you have finished, we'll send you a tax invoice, as well as a follow-up email asking you to double check your current tyres. We'll let you know once your order has shipped and delivered, through email. If you chose to include fitment, the Fitment Centre should be in contact shortly after delivery to confirm your booking.
The steps are just too easy!

What happens if I pay for my order by bank transfer?

If you selected to pay for your order via bank transfer we will send you the account details in your Purchase Confirmation email.
You must use your tyresales Order Number as the reference for payment.
Please note that it may take 1-2 business days for the direct debit to show in our bank account and we do not reserve stock for more than 48 hours. As soon as you transfer the money please email CustomerSupport@tyresales.com.au so that we can look out for your payment. Once your funds have been received we will dispatch your tyres and you will receive an email with the tracking details.
If you require your tyres urgently, or if the processing times interfere with your preferred fitment day, please contact us.
If we receive no communication or payment from you within 3 business days your order will be automatically cancelled.

What happens if I pay for my order using ZipMoney - 12 months Interest Free Finance?

Tyresales have partnered with ZipMoney to provide our customers with the option of 12 month interest free payments for their tyre order.
When you go through the Checkout, simply select the Buy Now, Pay Later option where you will go through the ZipMoney application process. Once completed, ZipMoney will email your finance contract and your order will be completed with tyresales.
Please ensure you complete the ZipMoney application process as soon as possible because we do not reserve stock for more than 48 hours. If the application is not completed within 3 business days, your order will be automatically cancelled.
The 12 months interest free is provided by ZipMoney, tyresales does not get involved in this financial process. For any ZipMoney questions please contact 02 8294 2345.

How soon is my order dispatched?

Tyres are dispatched daily from midday (EST) Monday to Friday. If your tyres have been ordered after midday they will be dispatched the next day.
For example, if you bought your tyres at 8am on Monday, your tyres will be dispatched that same day. If you bought your tyres after 12pm on Monday, your tyres will be dispatched on Tuesday.

What happens if I order the wrong tyre size?

As soon as you purchase your tyres we will send you a text message and an email with instructions on how to check your tyre size. If you need to change your tyre order please call us immediately on 1300 897 372 or email us and we can switch your tyre order with no extra cost - you simply pay the difference in your tyre price.
If the tyres have not been dispatched we can switch your tyre order with no extra cost - you simply pay the difference in your tyre price.
If the tyres have been dispatched you will need to pay any freight costs associated with getting the incorrect tyres back to the tyresales warehouse.

How do I book my Fitment Appointment?

After your order has been processed and tyres delivered to your specified Fitment Centre, they will contact you to firm up your fitment date and time. Note that your preferred appointment specified when you ordered your tyres is provided to the Fitment Centre; but needs to be confirmed by them with you.
If you do not hear from the Fitment Centre within 24 hours from delivery, please refer to your Purchase Confirmation email for further instruction.

What is a Premium Fitment Centre & what do they offer?

Our accredited Fitment Centres have joined up with us to provide the best deals for your order. On our website, you can choose from our Popular Fitment Centres, Manufacturer's Preferred Centres and Preferred Fitment Centres that offer complimentary services.
When you are choosing your Fitment Centre, we'll let you know if complimentary services such as a free alignment, car clean or a 60-minute express fitment are included with the Fitment Centre by stating this underneath their name during the checkout process.
60 Minute Express Fitment
From selected Premium Fitment Centres you will be able to receive a 60 Minute Express Fitment job. This option is great if you prefer to wait for your tyres to be fitted as quickly as possible, rather than leaving your car for a few hours and being without transport. Need more info? See our Current Promotions.
Free Car Clean
A Free Comprehensive Car Clean is available at participating Premium Fitment Centres and includes:

  • Exterior Car Wash
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Window Clean
  • Tyre Blackening - at participating centres
The car clean is only available for purchases of two or more tyres in a single transaction and is not redeemable for cash value.
Free Alignment
A Free Alignment is available at participating Premium Fitment Centres.
  • The alignment offered is a Standard Alignment for orders of 4 or more tyres in a single transaction and can only be performed on Standard Vehicles. Excluded vehicles are: all European vehicle makes, luxury vehicles, classic vehicles, modified vehicles, performance vehicles, racing vehicles.
  • If your vehicle requires more than a Standard Alignment, the Fitment Centre must notify us and a refund of the wheel alignment will be provided. We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.
  • Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value.

FAQ - Delivery

What is the delivery time once I place an order?

Delivery times vary between 1 - 10 business days depending on where in Australia you are located, and which of our warehouses your tyres are coming from. We have warehouses located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and will try to send tyres from the closest warehouse to your location - depending on availability.
To view the list of all delivery times please click here.

Is there a charge for Delivery?

We offer Free shipping to most metro areas in the following cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth. To view a list of the free delivery postcodes, click here.
If you live outside of these areas, we have subsidised the freight cost as much as possible, but there will still be a delivery surcharge applied to your order depending on your location. This charge will be applied at the checkout once you enter your postcode and select your delivery option.

Where will my tyres get delivered?

You have two options for tyre delivery - to the fitment centre of your choice, where the tyres will get fitted onto your vehicle. Or you can have the tyres sent to a delivery address of your choosing. This option also saves you some money that would have otherwise gone towards fitting & balancing. The amount will be deducted from your Order Total during Checkout.

Do I need to be at home if I chose delivery to myself?

If you chose not to receive fitment for your tyres, they will get delivered to the address you listed during the Checkout process.
The tyres will NOT be left unattended at the delivery address. They must be signed for by a person older than 18 years of age.
If you are not at home when the tyres are delivered you will be responsible for the redelivery fee (approximately $8 per tyre), which must be paid to tyresales before redelivery will be organised. Alternatively you will need to pick up the tyres from the local freight depot yourself.

I'm having my order sent directly to me, what do I need to know?

Tyres are not able to be sent to a PO Box and a physical address needed. Please make sure you enter a physical address and if it is being sent to a business, please ensure to list the name of the business in the address field.
Tyre freight requires a signature on delivery, and tyresales will not pay for Redelivery attempts. If you choose to have the order sent to your home address and are not present at delivery, you will be required to pick the order up from the freight depot. The freight depot's details will be listed on the missed delivery card left at your property.

FAQ - Tyres

When should I change my tyres?

As a general rule, tyres should be replaced when the tread depth gets below 2mm. To tell the depth of your tread, look for the wear indicators, which are rubber blocks found in four grooves that run around the tyre circumference. The wear indicator is 1.6mm thick, which is the legal limit in Australia. If your tyres reach this minimum depth they must be changed or you are breaking the law and putting your own safety at risk.
Other circumstances, such as tyre damage, vehicle mileage and a tyre's age should also be considered. For additional information on when to change your tyres, read our article under the Tyre Buying Guide.

Find your tyre size and learn what the numbers mean

A tyre's size is found by looking at the sequence of letters and numbers written on the tyre sidewall. For the below description we will use the example 185/55 R15 81H.
Width - The first 3 digit number (185 in example below) is your tyre width measured in millimetres.
Profile - The next two digit number (55 in the example below) is the tyre's profile. This measurement is taken from the wheel to the outer circumference of the tyre and the number is a percentage of your tyre's width. So in this example the profile is 55% of the tyre's width of 185mm.Rim Diameter - The next two digit number is the diameter of the wheel rim measured in inches. The example below has a tyre that is 15 inches.Load Index - The next two digit number is the Load index that uses a reference table to find the load capacity of the tyre in kilograms (shown below).Speed Rating - the final letter refers to the speed rating which also uses a reference table to indicate the maximum speed for the tyre in kilometres (shown below).Tyre size image
Tyre load and speed index table

Tyre speed rating and load index

The tyres load index and speed rating can be found by looking at the two digit number and letter at the end of the sequence displayed on your tyre.
Tyre size image
Using the example above, 81H is the maximum load capacity and speed at which the tyre can safely operate. The speed index for passenger car tyres normally sit between “t” and “Y” which equates to 190-300km/h.
Tyre load and speed index table
The load index for passenger car tyres normally sits between 60 and 110, which equates to 250-1060kg/tyre. Refer to the below charts to find your tyres load index and speed rating.

How old are my tyres?

You can tell the age of your tyres by looking at the 4-digit build stamp. This stamp is also located on the tyre sidewall. The first two digits represent the week and the last two digits are the year. For example 3714 means the tyre was made in the 37th week of 2014.
Tyre manufacture date

I don’t know my specific vehicle series or model?

Why not try our Rego Search? If you still can't find the right tyres for your vehicle, don’t worry, simply click on the blue Help icon at the bottom of the page or complete our Ask a Tyre Expert form and one of our Tyre Experts will contact you within 1 business day.

What is a Tyre Placard?

A Tyre placard is a very handy reference when buying new tyres. Most placards will be found either on the driver’s side door, in the glove box or under the fuel cap. This sticker will show you the tyre type, size, and speed rating you need to look for. The placard will also show you the correct inflation pressures for your front and back tyres.
Below is an example of a Tyre placard.
Tyre placard

What tyre pressure should I use?

The placard (found in the driver’s door area, glove box or under the fuel cap) will tell you the correct pressure for your car’s front and back tyres. Make sure the tyres on your car match the placard sticker. Your cars previous owner may not have matched new tyres with the placard, meaning the required tyre pressure will differ.
The pressure on the placard is called COLD pressure, which is the tyres pressure before you have driven your car. Driving your car increases the pressure, so you need to take the measure while your car is still cold.

What do the extra markings on my tyres mean? (AO, MOE, MO, RO1, N1, etc)

You may find that your tyres have some additional markings on them that we haven't already explained. Below you will find a list and their explanation:

  • MO : Original tyres for Mercedes-Benz
  • MOE : Mercedes Original Equipment Extended Mobility, these tyres are designed to work like run-flat tyres for Mercedes vehicles only
  • * : Original tyres for BMW, made specifically for BMW vehicles
  • AO : Original tyres for Audi, made specifically for Audi vehicles
  • RO1, RO2 : Original tyres for Audi Quattro, RS4, RS6, R8
  • N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, etc : Original tyres for Porsche, made specifically for Porsche vehicles. The numerical escalation reflects enhancements to the previous generation of the same tyre pattern
  • RBL : Raised Black Lettering
  • RWL : Raised White Lettering

What are space savers?

All cars must carry a spare tyre in case of a puncture. However tyres are large in size and can take up a lot of room especially in smaller vehicles. This is where a space saver can be used. As the name suggests it is a replacement tyre for your car that is smaller in size than regular tyres. Space savers are not designed to be driven on for long distances and should only be used to get you home or to a tyre dealer. Space savers must be driven at a speed limit of 80km and can affect the handling and control of your vehicle. It is therefore important that you drive with extra care when using space saver tyres.

What are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres provide an extra layer of safety and are designed to be driven on for a certain distance after a tyre loses pressure. After losing tyre pressure, the driver must maintain a steady speed of no greater than 80km/h, for a maximum distance of between 50km - 80km (depending on the tyre brand).
Run Flat tyres may only be fitted onto vehicles specifically manufactured to accommodate Run Flat tyres and these vehicles always have a functional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Typical vehicle manufacturers that utilise Run Flat tyres are BMW, MINI, Mercedes and Renault.
Please note - the fitting of run flat tyres should be carried out by a specialised fitment centre or Dealer.

What are Eco tyres?

As tyre technology continues to improves, consumers are being given a choice to buy tyres that are more environmentally friendly. This tyre technology lowers the rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption. The less fuel a car uses the less C02 emissions are let into the atmosphere.

FAQ - Wheel Alignments

What is a Wheel Alignment & what is included in it?

A wheel alignment involves using special machinery to adjust the angles of your vehicle's axles and wheels so that they point straight ahead/according to manufacturer specification.
To the naked eye, your wheels may look like they are pointing straight, but even the slightest amount of difference could be enough to cause uneven wear for your tyres. Driving onto the kerb, driving through a pothole, driving on unevenly surfaced roads - all of these things could be enough to cause your wheel alignment to be out.
The Wheel Alignment offered is a Standard Alignment and can only be performed on Standard Vehicles.
Excluded vehicles are: all European vehicle makes, luxury vehicles, classic vehicles, modified vehicles, performance vehicles, racing vehicles.
If your vehicle requires more than a Standard Alignment, the Fitment Centre must notify us and a refund of the wheel alignment will be provided, if the customer has paid for one. We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.
In the event that the Fitment Centre is unable to perform the Complimentary Wheel Alignments, the Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value and We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.
Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value.

What is the difference between a Wheel Alignment and a Tyre Balance?

Fitting and balancing of your tyres is provided free with your tyresales purchase. Once your vehicle is on the hoists, each tyre goes onto a balancing machine. The machine spins the tyre at a high speed to measure the wheel/tyre combination imbalance. It signals how much weight should be added to balance out the tyre and the areas where the weight is needed.
As explained above a wheel alignment relates to the angles of the wheels and axles of your vehicle in relation to steering and suspension with your wheels.
It is strongly recommended by every tyre expert to have both a Wheel Alignment and the Balancing completed when you purchase a set of new tyres.

How much does a Wheel Alignment Cost?

We offer Wheel Alignments for just $80 and is available to add to your order in the Optional Extras during the checkout process. The Fitment Centre you choose will complete the tyre fitting, balancing, and wheel alignment during fitment.
The $80 Wheel Alignments that the Fitment Centre provides are only available on Standard Vehicle Makes only. Excluded vehicles are all European vehicle makes, luxury vehicles, classic vehicles, modified vehicles, performance vehicles, racing vehicles. These vehicles usually require different technology and longer time for completion. Because of this, they are not provided as part of our Standard Wheel Alignment
If your vehicle requires more than a Standard Alignment, the Fitment Centre must notify us and a refund of the wheel alignment will be provided, if the customer has paid for one. We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.
In the event that the Fitment Centre is unable to perform the Complimentary Wheel Alignments, the Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value and We do not source an alternative wheel alignment for the customer.
Complimentary Wheel Alignments are not redeemable for cash value.

FAQ - Referrals

What is the tyresales Referral system?

As an existing tyresales customer, for every person you refer to the tyresales website that then goes on to purchase a set of 4 tyres or more, you will receive a $50 EFTPOS card. The card can be used at any location that accepts EFTPOS. We will contact you as soon as your referred person's new tyres are delivered. There is no limit on the number of $50 EFTPOS cards you will receive, so go ahead - refer everyone you know to tyresales.
Please note - this only applies to people you refer who are not already customers of tyresales.

How can I refer people to Tyresales?

Get started by going to our Referral webpage here: www.tyresales.com.au/referral
You will need to complete the Referral form. Make sure to check:

  1. All the details have been entered correctly - your order number, your name, your email and your friend's name and email
  2. That your friends place their order using the same email address you entered for them
  3. Your friend's email address can not be the same as your own.

I completed the Referral form and my friend placed an order, what now?

The card will be mailed to your nominated address and you should receive it within 15 business days from when your friend's order is Delivered. The EFTPOS card will not be sent out until after Delivery of your friend's tyres.

Why can't my friend have the same email address as me?

We use the email address as a way of differentiating between different customers. Our system won't pick up your referral and your $50 EFTPOS card will not be sent if the same email is used.

My friend placed their order before I filled in the form, do I qualify?

Although you do not qualify for the $50 EFTPOS card this time, simply fill in the Referral form and any future orders by your friends who are new customers to tyresales will be linked back to you.


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