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MICHELIN 255/35R18 Tyre Prices

Michelin - Up to $100 Cashback
255/35R18 94Y

Performance tyre

Run flat
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255/35R18 90Y
Designed for
Designed for BMW
Run flat
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MICHELIN 255/35R18 Tyre Review

At Tyresales we try our best to help you make descision in purchasing the best MICHELIN 255/35R18 tyre for your vehicle. Our MICHELIN 255/35R18 tyre review ratings and MICHELIN 255/35R18 tyre comparison review are all from real customers who have purchased from Tyresales. Read below to see what out customers say:

On 28/11/2021 our customers have given MICHELIN 255/35R18 Tyres
an average rating of 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews

Read what some of our customer are saying about our product

MICHELIN 255/35R18

Five stars by
I've only had the tyres for a few weeks so can't make any useful assessment yet. So far, they've been great and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Five stars by
These tyres have bought my car back to life, the grip is fantastic. My previous tyres, Conti's, would always give a touch of spin on take off but not these beauties, so happy I decided to make the swap !!! Also big shout out to for getting me these tyre when another well know tyre place told me it's be 3 months until they'd be in stock, and also thanks to "Wheels Tyres and more" in Osborne Park, they were awesome to deal with.

Four stars by
Tyres are fitted to a tuned BMW 335i. Can't complain about grip - they are pretty epic in both the wet and dry. Tyre wear is a concern though as I think I'll only get around 18,000 kms out of them on a 70-30% mix of urban-highway driving. I don't do burnouts at all. It maybe due to the torque the tune puts out through the rears which is about 450nm at the rear wheels from 1300 rpm. These tyres were made in France - they are not the Thailand ones. I have Thai sourced PS4's fitted to the front at the same time and these would do twice the mileage. This is the first decent set of rubber I've been able to run on the car so don't have anything to compare it to for rear wear.

Four stars by
They are almost 2 years stock tyres

Five stars by
I was amazed at how mush softer it felt going over bumps and the grip in the wet. I'm very happy with my purchase and it looks good on the car.

Five stars by
Excellent Grip in the dry, can handle 580Nm of torque. performance in the wet is good.

Four stars by
Great tyres, good comfort & road noise. Good balance between grip & good wear.

Four stars by
Great performance and grip. Very happy with choice of tyre,

Five stars by
Michelin PS2 tyres though a dated design, are still one of the very best tyres available. They a smooth riding, quiet, predictable and grip extremely well. They are not a cheap tyre and neither are they the most expensive tyre on the market. Value for money, you really can't go past them if you are in the market for a 300 kph tyre that that will be required to perform in all weather and all normal road conditions, they are unbeatable. I have tried Goodyear GSD3's, Pirelli P Zero and Michelin own replacement, the Pilot Super Sport. None of them can compare for overall performance and satisfaction.

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