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KUMHO 225/40R18 Tyre Prices

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KUMHO 225/40R18 Tyre Review

At Tyresales we try our best to help you make descision in purchasing the best KUMHO 225/40R18 tyre for your vehicle. Our KUMHO 225/40R18 tyre review ratings and KUMHO 225/40R18 tyre comparison review are all from real customers who have purchased from Tyresales. Read below to see what out customers say:

On 28/11/2021 our customers have given KUMHO 225/40R18 Tyres
an average rating of 4.6/5 based on 26 reviews

Read what some of our customer are saying about our product

KUMHO 225/40R18

Five stars by
I had Bridgestone Turanza for a Holden Astra hachback 2017 and replaced to Kumho KU39 on 2nd of December 2019. Very First day, felt a bit heavier with KU39 but a few days later, engine adjusted itself to new tyres. Quite comfy, smooth, economical and quiet. Wish it absorbs more socks and impacts but still comfy enough. Of course, Turanza is slightly better in every aspects but it is almost twice as the price of KU39 set of 4. Highly recommend, absolutely value for Money.

Five stars by
Compared to my OEM Bridgestone Potenza S001, the Kumho Ecsta PS91 has much more grip, especially as I now get minimal wheel hopping from my FWD Golf when flooring the accelerator from a standstill in the dry and wet and also when prodding the throttle pedal during gentle cruising speed in the wet. The S001 is traction A treadwear 280 and PS91 is traction AA treadwear 260 for the specific tyre size. The PS91 has a significantly more comfortable (softer) and a quieter ride. Handling of the PS91 seems good but not as confident as the S001 (especially at higher speeds). The downsides with the PS91 is that the steering wheel now has a "memory effect" whereby it tends to slowly return back to the centre position and the steering seems to be heavier and not as agile? Consequently due to this "memory effect", my steering wheel seems to be off-centre when driving straight but as I've had my wheel alignment done at two separate places I just think that it is a peculiarity with these tyres. Also, fuel consumption has increased by about 8 - 10 % due to the high rolling resistance (PS91 uses a grippy compound). As I got the tyres really cheap from it is an acceptable trade-off as I thought the ride was too firm and harsh on the S001 (I have sports suspension which exacerbates the issue). Great service from Tyresales and the local fitting dealer and it is a fuss-free experience and very highly recommended. Will purchase the same tyres again from Tyresales if the treadwear proves to be reasonable.

Five stars by
Great so far.

Five stars by
These are the best value max performance tyres on the market. Great dry and and wet grip and no tyre squeal in the corners. Confident and planted feel while not too noisy or rough riding. If you don't want to fork out big money for top name brands PS91s are the way to go.

Five stars by
Excellent service all round, email notification, tyres arrived within 2 days, Honda Northside had them fitted the following week, saved $300, you CANT go WRONG, buy now with confidence Will happily buy again when next needed.

Five stars by
Excellent tyre the grip and handling has been fantastic . Would highly recommend.

One star by
Trackion is great on these tyres but holy smokes do they make the whole car feel unstable! There's an incredible sense of insecurity when changing direction, I'm NOT impressed. This is a review on the tyres only, can't fault Tyresales AT ALL!

Four stars by
The tyres seem fine so far but I haven't done many kilometres.

Five stars by
Very good tyre for the price. The service from ford (tyres) Taree disappointing.

Four stars by
Great tyre for the price! Turn in is very sharp albeit a bit nervous (seems better with wear), not the quietest but better than some of the more expensive one. Grip is also great. Keep in mind that due to the tyre's thread orientation, its not possible to do cross rotation. Front to back rotation only.

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