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GOODRIDE 265/70R17 Tyre Prices

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265/70R17 121Q (10 ply)

Off-Road tyre

GOODRIDE SL369 SUV OFF-ROAD 265/70R17 121Q (10 ply)
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265/70R17 115T

High Mileage, SUV tyre

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265/70R17 115H

High Mileage, SUV tyre

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265/70R17 121Q (10 ply)

Off-Road tyre

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GOODRIDE 265/70R17 Tyre Review

At Tyresales we try our best to help you make descision in purchasing the best GOODRIDE 265/70R17 tyre for your vehicle. Our GOODRIDE 265/70R17 tyre review ratings and GOODRIDE 265/70R17 tyre comparison review are all from real customers who have purchased from Tyresales. Read below to see what out customers say:

On 18/09/2019 our customers have given GOODRIDE 265/70R17 Tyres
an average rating of 4.3/5 based on 14 reviews

Read what some of our customer are saying about our product

GOODRIDE 265/70R17

Five stars by
have done over 10ks, rocks,sand and hwy towing camper trailer no problems good grip and minamal raod noise.

Five stars by
Great very quiet seem to be wearing well done 10k

Four stars by
First time using tyresales and I’m happy with my purchase. After using quite strong sidewalled tyres previously it did take some getting used to when braking and cornering, but they do stop sufficiently even in the wet. Will need to put some serious kms on to really judge though.

Five stars by
I have used the Goodride SL369 on a Toyota Prado 2003, a Mitsubishi Pajero 1996 and a Volvo XC90 2004. The 121Q rating was for my Prado. The ones on the other vehicles have higher speed ratings and lower load ratings. I have been very happy with the wear and performance over time for all three vehicles and these are now my go too choice of tyres for for what I need. They represent an excellent balance of cost v performance. I rate them a better all round solution than the Cooper ATR's that I had on my Pajero when I ventured to Cape York (bypass dirt roads) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Coopers.

One star by
I've had them balanced twice within 500km. The balance machine wanted 200g worth of weights (higher end tyres usually take around 100g). After turning the tyres around the rim several times the fitters were able to reduce the weights to 160. My rims were in perfect balance. I've had two wheel alignments as well. These tyres wobble while driving and I need to have 50psi just to keep them from ballooning. Tyre fitters said the quality is crap because they are a cheap tyre. I now have to deal with this ongoing wobble at low speed but more intense at high speed until they wear or I give up on them.

Five stars by
great tyre good tread and suprisingly not that noisey

Four stars by
Replaced Nissan recommended Hercules TerraTrac tyres on my Pathfinder Ti550 which lasted 27,000km and were rubbish. The Goodride SU318 tyres are super quiet, very comfortable and so far, handle wet conditions without problems. I run 42psi all around. The only question is how long will they last, but at $177 each they are a bargain. As a highway tyre, I thoroughly recommend them, and the service from Tyresales was exemplary. I have used them for both our vehicles, trailer and caravan. Well done.

Four stars by
So far so good ... Minimal road noise & handle great. Will update after we've towed the caravan around with them

Five stars by
I have driven 20,000 kms on these tyres far both on and off road. They excellent on both. Super quiet on the highway and lots of tread to go. For the price they are excellent.

Five stars by
an excellent alternative to the BFG muddies and way cheaper while performing just as well! A slightly larger tyre for my prado this hasn't affected my fuel economy at all. Out in the bush they are excellent in the mud and with rock crawling. really good at self cleaning and mud ejection. Haven't tried in the sand or snow yet. With 15mm of tread they are likely to last a while with regular rotation. slightly noisy on the highway above 80km/hr but with such an aggressive tread pattern that was to be expected. I couldn't praise these enough! Give them a go.

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