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BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 Tyre Prices

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245/40R19 94Y

High Mileage, Fuel Efficient tyre

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BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 Tyre Review

At Tyresales we try our best to help you make descision in purchasing the best BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 tyre for your vehicle. Our BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 tyre review ratings and BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 tyre comparison review are all from real customers who have purchased from Tyresales. Read below to see what out customers say:

On 22/09/2019 our customers have given BRIDGESTONE 245/40R19 Tyres
an average rating of 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews

Read what some of our customer are saying about our product


Five stars by
I have no problems at all with my tries, they handle the road well there hasn't been any rain since I had the tires put on so not sure about wet conditions as yet

Five stars by
So far very happy with the tyres, they have very good grip in all conditions and low road noise.

Five stars by
Fantastic tyres. Great grip and very quiet

Five stars by
They are great! Very pleased with them, nice and smooth.

Five stars by
Good grip last a decent amount of time great price ob

Five stars by
No complaints here! Delivered immediately, every one was easy to deal with.. Tyres are perfect!

Two stars by
Bridgestone RE050A tyres should come with a warning: May become dangerously unstable after 20 000km. I've had the misfortune to own multiple sets of them on 3 different new SSV and Redline Commodores. All displayed increasing directional instability as they passed through 20 000km to 22 000km. The last set, on my VF Redline, I persisted with until 28 000km, and they were frighteningly twitchy at high speed, and just plain annoying at city speeds over any slight imperfection in the road. After one front tyre got a puncture, I had to replace both, buying one new one, plus using the full size spare that I had replaced with a spacesaver previously (to enable the use of the under floor storage compartment). I was so annoyed at giving Bridgestone money, but I intend to update the car well before it's done another 20 000km. I thought it must be something that Commodores did to the tyres, until I spoke to my parents about the same RE050A tyres on their new Mazda 6. Exactly the same problem now that the vehicle has done 21 000km. As a former Holden mechanic with a special interest in wheel alignment, it feels like all the castor has been dialed out. As this instability comes on slowly, most consumers wouldn't notice it, gradualy compensating for the twitchiness of the vehicle. The concentration required at high speed makes the vehicle very unpleasant to drive, but also f***ing dangerous! Lots of tyres go off in the last 25 or 30% of their life and lose grip, but I've never experienced anything as nasty as the Bridgestone RE050A issue. I'm stunned they're still allowed on the market. Of course, if you speak to Bridgestone and their dealers, they'll probably tell you that either: - there must have been only 4 sets of faulty ones, and our family got all of them - we must have had wheel alignment of inflation problems *yawn* We've gone over all 4 new vehicles with a fine tooth comb..... that's not it. Speak to any independent tyre dealer, and funnily enough they usually don't think much of RE050's either.

Four stars by
Best tyres ever (apart from the "Y" rated ones i used to ride on). The asymmetric versions are definitely worth the extra. Grip is unprecedented even in the wet. Used to race a Mazda RX7 on these (Y rated). Softer compound, so expect about 20,000-25,000 km of superb grip and handling.

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